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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Pizza

Tired tonight. Needed groceries. Made pizzas.

They turned out really good. They just didn't quite fill the stomach of my teenager. You know how it is to feed boys! After this blog, I will have to get another batch going for him.

This is my simplest version of Pizza Buffet. ..perfect when you are tired. I had forgotten to buy extra eggs last week. We needed eggs today to make egg tempera paints in my art class. The kids needs won out over dinner, and I had to figure a way to make pizza crust without eggs. Luckily, I still had something that worked just fine. Our crust tonight was low carb tortillas. I simply topped them with a blob of cream cheese. Hint: put the cold cream cheese on top of each tortilla and stick them in the oven while you chop the veggies. That will melt the cream cheese and make it all soft and easy to spread. Before I did anything else, I baked a 12 ounce batch of bacon in the oven.

Once the tortillas had the melted cream cheese spread to the edges, I sprinkled it with garlic powder and Italian seasonings. I used my kitchen scissors to snip the bacon into tiny bites. To those toppings, I added red onion and green bell pepper. Back into the oven for about 8 minutes and we had the thin, crispy supreme pizza that we love.

Now off to make another batch for the boy and to plan my grocery list for tomorrow.

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