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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tequila Chicken Bento Lunch

Tequila Chicken was our Triple Play Meal this week. I had planned to make wraps for sandwiches, but never got to the right store to buy lavash bread. That's alright, because the chicken is just as good as mini nuggets. I am sure it is better without all that bready stuff anyway. I did make quesadillas for my carby boy.

The Tequila Chicken is in the large silicon cup. I made a Green Chile hard boiled egg. That was yummy! Added to that was a cup of green pepper bites from my mom's garden. Good news, I finally have a pepper growing on my plant too--and my squash plant is finally producing. A cup of fresh blueberries was dessert. Not too fancy a meal, but tasty just the same.

Tomorrow we have a potluck picnic. I think I will bring some cauliflower mock potato salad and some sausage slices with an assortment of flavored mustards. Now if we can just beat the 70% chance of rain!

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