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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

White Barbecue Sauce on Smokey Chicken

I admit, on this recipe I am being a big thief! My mom saw Big Bob Gibson's white barbecue sauce featured on TV, and we duplicated it for Labor Day--well, almost. We found so many recipes, that it became a blend of several, but the same general concept is still there---a very tart, tangy, totally flavorful sauce.

Our version is borrowed a few ideas from Paula Deen, and a few from various other sources. Paula added the horseradish, and other recipes varied with apple juice or just vinegar. Being low carbers, we opted for the vinegar only, and added a touch of legal sweetener. Don't expect to try this recipe and like it straight from the jar unless you are in the habit of drinking vinegar for health. But it does something magical to a smokey chicken breast. Try it, especially if you are in a rut.

White Barbecue Sauce 

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Retta said...

This sounds wonderful! I love how your recipes usually have ingredients that I already have on hand...I know what I'm makin' for dinner. :-)
Thank you for such Kitchen Kreativity,

Wendy said...

Darn - i wish this recipe was posted -- I'd love to make this for dinner tonight, but won't be able to get all the books by then ;) (They are ALL in my Amazon cart, though!)
65 pounds down, and so glad there are more and more options and blogs like yours!! Thanks for what you do!