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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today is super busy. We just grazed on planned leftovers today--homemade yogurt for breakfast, Cheezeburger Quiche for lunch, and some Bobby-Q Pork for dinner. Glad nothing else was on the menu. We managed to break a window out on our car today, and had to try our own home made version of fixing that. Aah, trash bags taped to the car is a thing of beauty! I am trying to keep my sense of humor. In the past, days like this would have led to eating out and a major binge. Now, even if I don't have time to fix a proper dinner, there is still always a meal or two that will save the day. Gee, no excuses!

On a better note, my business student, the one needing a thousand dollar brake job, told me that he pitched my cookbook idea to his strategic management class. It was the most popular business plan. Now he and his team are going to put together a complete business plan and marketing strategy for the Diner. They will do all the things I can only imagine. I have no budget, but they will get to use a simulated budget. Sounds cool. Maybe he will graduate in May and get a loan to make it all happen. Then we could make my little cooking system into a real business, and I would get to have my boy closer to home. I think we could work together, even if he is a bit bossy sometimes. When life's troubles seem only to accumulate, it is fun to imagine better things! Now if I just had a spare thousand dollars around here...

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Retta said...

Trash bag window panes--did that bring back memories, LOL!!

I am excited for you about the business strategy possibility! I love your ebook and tell anyone who will listen about it. My carb loving hubby doesn't even know that 90% of the meals I cook for him now are low carb, and many from your recipes. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Best of success on that, and what a great kid you have there!