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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheezeburger Quiche Multiply Meal

Tuesdays are going to be my Multiply Meals prep night more often now. It just fits my schedule better since Fridays are my most hectic day. Tonight, I fried up five pounds of ground beef. Three went into the Cheezeburger Quiches. The remaining is bagged up as Minute Beef. That will make life easier on another day.

The quiche you see in the photo is actually a double portion. I saved one in a regular casserole dish to wrap and freeze. It is good to have that uniform size when they stack in the freezer. This one is in a larger casserole dish. We ate from that one for dinner. The rest, I am bagging up into individual servings. Those will be so handy for lunches and dinners when everyone is home at a different time. To freeze individual portions, I just wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze. Then I put all the frozen servings into a gallon sized freezer bag with a label. Don't forget that all important step. Even though you are sure you will remember, once frozen everything looks remarkably the same!

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