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Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuna Snacks. Seriously Square Tuna.

Found a new item at the grocery store this past weekend. Maybe you have seen them, but I surely never have! Rianxeira Tuna Snacks--actually they are little cubes of tuna packed in an easy open box. I like them! They taste just like regular canned tuna, but they are neat and clean. Usually, I hate draining tuna cans. I have one of those can openers that separates the top from the body of the can. When you can't fit the top inside to press against the tuna, it stays wet. Add to that, liquid runs down your fingers...and sometimes sleeves. Yuck. I hate smelling like tuna the rest of the day. Sometimes I buy the pouches, but they are rather pricey and I am rather cheap. These snacks are sold in a 12.7 ounce container, but they are honest enough to admit that it is 6.7 ounces after draining. How often does packaging give that truth? These are imported from Spain, but I found them at Walmart.

I made a tuna salad for John's lunch. That is in the photo above. His salad had a side of cheese crisps. For me, I made some snacks on toothpicks. How fun to make a mini kabob with cheese chunks and olives. They would be good with pickles too, but I was out. The store did not have my Mt, Olive Sugar free sweet pickles this time. There are about 36 tuna cubes in the box. It says that is three and a half servings. We only fed two, but those were generous servings. Zero carbs for $1.88. I think these will be a staple from now on. They will be fantastic for John to keep at the office for emergencies. They would also be excellent for camping--no fridge or can opener needed. They would even be great for kids. Imagine--tuna you can eat with your fingers!

For fancier party fare, I think these could be marinated in balsamic dressing or teriyaki sauce, then paired with cheese and veggies on pretty toothpicks. If you try them, let me know of any ideas you come up with.

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