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Friday, September 25, 2009

Chinese Chicken Bento

So it is not the prettiest bento lunch ever, but it really was tasty. This Asian themed lunch was spicy and packed with unusual flavors. I had chicken strips that were marinated in soy sauce. I made Asian Coleslaw, chocked full of peanut butter and rice vinegar and topped with pepper flakes for an extra kick. Want that recipe? I also packed a couple of my Italian Love Knot cookies, not so Asian, but light and lemony, so they complimented well. In addition, a brought along some home made yogurt sweetened with Butter Pecan flavoring and made even more interesting with some fresh blueberries and some spiced nuts.

Once I got home tonight, dinner was a breeze because the hubby made it. The grill was the star tonight, and we filled up on a burger buffet. I love having great grilling weather. My youngest is off at a high school football game tonight. Until then, I plan to take it easy! Maybe have some Pumpkin Bake for dessert later. Lots of reasons to love fall.

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