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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yard Long Green Beans...or Grasshopper Food

My mom and I experimented this year in our gardens with Yard Long Green Beans, also known as Chinese Green Beans (although they are from Africa)or Snake Beans. You can tell why by the photo of Christian holding one for you to see.

My mom's vines are finally producing like crazy--not sure why they waited until September. Mine are all getting eaten by grasshoppers. Everytime I find a pretty purple bloom, it is eaten by the next morning. Mom brought a bag over for me to cook up. While the bean itself put on quite a spectacular display, I must admit the taste leaves much to be desired. These are very bland. Very very bland. I usually adore home grown green beans, but these are such a disappointment. I seasoned them with bacon salt, rotisserie seasoning and real butter to make them more palatable. Maybe I should have gone with the recipe that left them whole and cooked them up as "Snake Soup."

Though bland, they went well with the tangier Almost Big Bob's White Barbecue Chicken we had for supper. I had made a big batch of sauce perfecting my first recipe, and needed to get that sauce used. My younger boy is beginning to feel better, and there is no word from my college guys about the Swine Flu. I guess no news is good news there.

Anyone else have any ideas on what to do with the rest of these green beans we will be getting before the first frost? My mom and I are open to ideas. She used her first batch in vegetable soup, so she couldn't tell how tasteless they really were. Maybe do as the Chinese do--lots of sesame oil and five spice powder...

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