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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creamy Chicken Soup and Garlic Flax Toast

My poor baby boy. He is really sick today. He just looks worse as the day progresses. The Creamy Chicken Soup I made for him went over well. I like it anytime, but the chicken soup part is supposed to be a miracle cure for the cold, right? Couldn't hurt. Besides, it is mild for his tummy and easy going down a sore throat. He even had seconds after turning down anything for lunch. Dad is not sick, but he liked it too. He should, it is flavorful with cream cheese, tarragon and real cream. Blending the cauliflower and chicken with an immersion blender makes the soup thick and rich. Even avowed cauliflower haters won't know it is there! For us, I made a salad with bacon vinaigrette and some garlic toasts.

Garlic toasts are simply a version of the one minute muffin made savory. I like to bake one then cut it into slices. Once sliced, I top with a slice of cheese and toast in my toaster oven. The ones I made tonight are extra tasty, made with pecan meal. The nutty flavor still comes through, despite all that garlic! Here's my recipe for the toasts. The delicious soup is in the crock pot section of the e-book.

Garlic Flax Toasts

2 Tablespoons nut meal
2 Tablespoons flax meal
2 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese
pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon granular Splenda or equivalent sweetener (optional)
1 Tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 egg
1 slice cheese, optional

Mix dry ingredients in a microwavable cup. Add oil and egg and stir well. Cook in the microwave for one minute or slightly more until not wet in the center. The mixture will rise over the top during cooking. Release muffin from the cup and slice into rounds. Top each round with a touch more garlic powder or salt. Top with a quarter slice of cheese and toast in a toaster oven until cheese is melted. Without the cheese, toast until lightly crisped.

It certainly seems like the cold and flu season is starting early this year. My middle boy has been exposed to the swine flu at college. They say he will be quarantined to his suite if he comes down with it. As a mommy, I am worried who would take care of my sick boy if that comes to pass. They would have a hard time keeping this mom away. I'm just sending up prayers my college boys stay healthy. At least my 16 year old still lives at home where I can comfort him. Prayers for all are appreciated!


LindaCC said...

Is the Creamy Chicken Soup in the E-book?

Lisa Marshall said...

Yes, it is in the crockpot section.

Cindy and Greg said...

My daughter is a freshman in college and they had a swine flu outbreak as well. Quarantined students and everything. I was so glad she didn't get sick! She's at school in central Arkansas, and mom is way down here in Austin, TX! I hope your boys stayed well. I sure am enjoying reading your e-cookbook that I purchased today!! Can't wait to try it all!!